My Journey into Web Design

The start of my journey into web design can be dated back all the way to senior year in high school. Web design was one of the newer classes introduced at my school, so a lot of things were trial and error . Through all if this, web design had introduced me to the vast world and language of HTML. Learning HTML was basically like learning a new language, although from experience I think learning HTML was way easier than learning Spanish. Being able to view a web page, open up the page source, and being able to read the coding opens up a door of endless design possibilities. As an artist, that’s like giving a child keys to a mansion and telling him to go wild. Ok ok, but in all seriousness though, web design has always impressed me with how fast it is evolving. With our technology only getting better and faster I can only imagine future web design. Hopefully I can take part in what seems like could be a never ending evolution.